Фрагмент работы:

The aims (intentions) of this communicative act are as follows:

      - to inform about Dr. Edith Eva Eager’s personal experiences, particularly her survival of Auschwitz during the Holocaust, and the profound lessons she learned from those experiences;

      - to persuade the audience to believe in the power of choice and inner strength. She wants them to understand that, regardless of circumstances, individuals have the freedom to choose how they respond;                                                       

- to describe her journey from Auschwitz to eventually becoming Dr. Edith Eva Eager, emphasizing the challenges she faced and the inner resilience that sustained her... 

     5. Kinds of communication interpreted in the communicative act under analysis are:

Expressive communication with elements of persuasive, cognitive and ritual.

Expressive communication is evident as Dr. Eager shares her emotions, feelings, and personal thoughts throughout the speech. She describes her own emotional journey, including moments of despair, hope, and determination.

The text contains elements of cognitive communication as it conveys information and knowledge. Dr. Edith Eva Eager shares her personal experiences, historical events such as the Holocaust and her encounter with Dr. Mengele, and insights about the power of choice and resilience. She informs the audience about her life journey and imparts lessons learned from her experiences...

Means of conveying the message:


   1. stylistic expressive means (e.g. metaphors, evaluative words, emotive words, etc.)


"Life is about climbing the mountain"; "lion's den"; "concentration camp that is in your own mind"; "the power within that I bring you today"; "prisoners of their own actions"; "your key is in your pocket"; "the spirit never dies";


"Let us remember how we came together as one nation, as one people, as Americans…"; "And I had a choice, as you have a choice now"...

    2. The communicative tactics satisfying the strategies are:

– the tactics of generalization – " life is about climbing the mountain "; " we still have the choice, the freedom to choose in what way we're going to respond to any circumstance "; "we were cuddling together all the time"; "we're going to hold hand in hand";

    – the tactics of contrast – "One of them would be the most wonderful group of people I have ever met in a fetal position, cursing country and name it God. Conversely, the other one was telling me that… "; " They broke my back, but they could never ever murder my spirit"; "They were just giving me nothing but the warmest care ";

Non – verbal:

Intonation –  The pace of speech is moderate, the voice sounds clear, calm without being boring and monotonous.  In the course of the speech Dr. Eager practically does not change the timbre of her voice, but skillfully uses pauses. In this case, the pauses emphasize the significance of what is said, and also allow to keep the emotional tension and interest of the audience. A slightly trembling voice of the speaker during the interview may indicate slight anxiety as a natural reaction to a stressful situation or an attempt to contain strong emotions such as excitement, bitterness and others.  Voice trembling can also be caused by physiological factors such as fatigue, pressure, and age– related changes.

Posture –  For almost the entire performance, she sits in place without changing location. Her posture does not look too relaxed and open, as her crossed legs already indicate that she wants to close and protect herself. Arms with microphone in front of her, shaking wrists and elbows pressed to the body can also indicate a desire to close, to protect herself, but, in this case, may also indicate body reactions caused by age– related changes...


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